LED stripes for 12V

SMD stripes consist of very powerful SMD LEDs mounted on a thin ribbon that is self adhesive and very flexible.

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It can for example be used for indoor lighting in the passenger compartment, trunk, through plexiglas and what else you can imagine.

It is being sold typically in 50 cm lengths, but it can also be supplied in coils up to 5 meters. SMD LED stripes can be connected to 12Vdc or 230V with a 12VDC transformer. The installation is very simple, but it should be assembled in houses/buildings and it must be connected by an electrician.

Fast-colored light stripe

Vision panels only light in one color, for example white, blue, red, etc. The brightness can be controlled by a light-absorber.

RGB light stripe

The light band consists of special LEDs having the three primary colors - red, green and blue. By using a controller, you can mix the basic colors to other colors, such as purple, and create complex lighting effects.

RGB + white light stripe

The latest RGB + White band has the same color choice as RGB band, but the white color makes it possible to control color saturation, for example to change blue to light blue, green to light green, etc., or just use the white color for normal lighting. 

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