BAZ15D LED diode light bulbs

BAZ15D LED/diode bulbs to replace incandescent bulbs in the car's headlights and brake lights.

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The bulb is equivalent to 21/4 Watts.

Note: Switching from regular position lights bulbs to LED bulbs, the power consumption becomes lower than normal and therefore it might be experienced error messages on newer cars with Bulb-control. One can therefore be forced to use "cheat resistors", which can be found on this page.

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Xenon White 24xSMD LED Bulb 12V, 21/4W-BAZ15D

An extra heavy duty 21/4W Xenon White LED bulb with 24 pcs. 5050 SMD diodes, which together make 270 lumens.

DKK 99,00

Accessories for BAZ15D bulbs 

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2 pieces Canbus - Resistors - 12V/21W

A smart way to eliminate error messages, when converting to LED bulbs.

DKK 119,00

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