LED Daytime Running Lights

Waterproof led-bars and boxes that can be used to make LED daytime running / fog lights.

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Low Audi LED daytime running lights with the flexible waterproof diode-bar in different colors. Now we also offer yellow, red, blue and green colors in settings, so that you can also make additional turn signals, brake lights or other lighting solutions.

Other LED DRL 

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LED Running Light and Indicator Lamp - 12V

A lamp with a white ring of LEDs that work as DRL, while the round circle in the middle - as an indicator. ECE-approved and a 5-years warranty.

DKK 525,00
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Fristom LED DRL, 12-36V

Slim LED DRL-light by Fristom. The DRL set can be uses by almost any vehicle running with voltage from 12V to 36V.

DKK 395,00
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LED DRL and indicator adapter, 12V-24V

Simple controller that turns off the DRL when the indicator is activated. Used when the indicator are built in to the DRL.

DKK 139,00
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10-16Vdc Voltage Converter 18 Watt 12V

Voltage converter 18 Watt - 12V

DKK 125,00

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