RGB Colorchanging SMD stripes

With RGB stripes you can change the light color using a RGB controller and to create the precise light you want or even to create very colorful light-effects.

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The color changing stripes are built up with red, green and blue LEDs in combination of each other providing lots of opportunities.

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50 cm RGB LED SMD Stripe 12V

A smart RGB multicolor SMD stripe, so you can make a sea of colors with the same SMD stripe.

DKK 45,00
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COB LED stripes, RGB, 50cm - 12V

RGB COB LED strip gives you a very even light output and you can make a ton of colors with the basic colours red, green, and blue.

DKK 99,00
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LED Stripes, RGB, Splashproof, 5 metres - 12V

RGB stripe in flexible plastic, making the stripe splashproof.

DKK 395,00
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Mi-Light RGB system

RGB controller for 12V and 24V that can be controlled with a wireless remote or can be extended with a smartphone control.

DKK 129,00
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RGB Controller with a Touch Remote 12-24V

RGB controller with a touch remote to RGB stripe and diodes. 12-24V -10 amp.

DKK 199,00
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MiBoxer Zigbee controller system

Zigbee light dimmer and controller for 12V and 24V LED strips and LED profiles.

DKK 179,00
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A Wireless RGB / RGBW Sound Controller for 12V-24Vdc

RGB / RGBW sound controller to control the different colors on max. 20 metres RGB SMD-Tape 12V and 24V

DKK 199,00
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T3 Wireless RGB Color Control - 12V and 24V

T3 remotes are used for the T3 controllers. A quick color-change with the color wheel and other advanced possibilities. Two models.

DKK 249,00
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Wire, Flat Cable - 0,25mm²

Wire / flat cable that can be used for LED light stripes. There is one line for each color and one line for a common plus.

DKK 12,00

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