LED Lightbar, 10-30V

    Beautiful LED light bar with a compact design and dual LED rows. Len optics provide a better control of the light from the powerful Cree LEDs. The LED lightbar is produced in 3 different versions depending on one's needs.

    Spot lights give a focused and high beam. 
    Combo model takes the best of the two above, on each side sit Flood lenses and in the center - Spot lenses. This way you have a good combination of the broad light spreading from the sides and the focused light in the center.

    The LED lightbar is produced in aluminum with a glossy black finish. The result is a light and slim design with optimal cooling for the LEDs. The product comes with cable mounted waterproof connectors. 36-120W use Deutsch DT and 180-312W use ATP connector.

    These LED lightbars are not E-approved for use on public roads because of the high power.


    The LED lightbar is very easy to install with the included pins, bolts and nuts. The legs are mounted at a suitable distance, after which the bolts are being clamped into the sides. The light is then connected, for example to 12V or 24V.

    Due to the high power, it should be used with the appropriate working relay cables. We sell finished cable sets with `Deustch DT, ATP and AMP connectors, so it is almost as easy as plug & play.


    If you want more or extra mounting brackets, they can be found under the tab "Accessories"

    Beautiful LED light bar with a compact design and dual LED rows. The curved design results in a good and even light spreading, despite the use of spot-reflectors.

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    Front cover for LED light bars

    Plastic-shields that fit our most common light bars. They give the effect that the light bar is divided into two.

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    Wiring Harness for Worklights with a Relay and a Switch

    Complete harness for 12V and 24V with a relay, a switch, a connector to the lamp and battery-terminals. Used for easy connection.

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