OZZ LED high-beam with dual position-light, E-approved

    These are some serious LED high-beams! E-approved LED high-beams by OZZ that have a stylish and modern look. There are 16 Osram LEDs that are well placed so that can not be seen at the first glance and that gives the LED high-beams a very powerful light.

    The LED high-beams are available as a 7" version with 80W / 7.200 theoretical lumen and a 9" version with 160W / 15.000 theoretical lumen.

    Furthermore, they have a 3-part dual-color position-light, which gives you the possibility to change between white and yellow positions-light as you feel like it so that it fits your vehicle. When starting up the position light it will light up with a dynamic light that goes out to each side.

    In regards to the light diagram, it shows 1 lux at 470m on the 7" version and 680m on the 9" version with the boost function. You will therefore get more light than the diagram shows and be able to see the reflections in the cones on the side of the road further out.

    The lens glass is produced in polycarbonate and the lamp housing is made of powder-coated aluminum to achieve a sleek design and good cooling for the LEDs.

    There are pre-mounted brackets and also a pre-mounted 4-pins ATP plug, which makes the installation much easier.

    • Black: Minus / -
    • Blue: High-beam (E-approved)
    • Red: High-beam (Boost / NOT E-approved)
    • White: White position-light
    • Yellow: Yellow position-light

    E-approvements: ECE R112, R7, R10, CE


    Stylish and contemporary E-approved high-beam with a powerful light, that has a unique look with its 3-part dual color position-light. Available with 7" or 9".

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    Adapter cable, 4-pins to 2-pins

    Adapter cable from 4-pins to 2-pins so that LED high-beams with 4-pins can be connected to our wiring harness.

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