Prolumo Bar COMBO - LED light bar, dual position-light

    Prolumo COMBO are double-rowed E-approved flat LED light bars with dual built-in LED position lights, illuminating the bottom of the bar in "neon effect". This allows you to switch between white and yellow position lights to match your vehicle perfectly.

    Available in 36cm (120W) and 56cm (220W) with a long and sharp high beam. The lights come with both E-approved and NOT E-approved (Off-road/boost) high beams:

    36cm E-approved light: 3120 effective lumen
    36cm Off-road / boost light: 6545 effective lumen
    56cm E-approved light: 4871 effective lumen
    56cm Off-road / boost light: 10246 effective raw lumen

    The Off-road light is activated by turning on the light for 2 seconds, then turning on and off the light 3 times within 5 seconds. To return to the E-approved light, turn off the light for 5 seconds and repeat. The light remembers the last setting, so no need for reinstallation each time.

    The front glass is scratch-resistant and unbreakable, and the light housing is made of powder-coated aluminum for a sleek design and good cooling.

    Stainless steel brackets and the included. DT Deutsch connector ensures easy installation.

    • Black: Minus / -
    • Red: High-beam
    • White: White position-light
    • Yellow: Yellow position-light

    E-approved LED light bar available in 36cm and 56cm with dual-color position lights in "neon-effect". Switch between white and yellow position lights as needed.

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