Hella Jumbo 220 High-beam 12V / 24V

    The classic Hella Jumbo 220 spotlight with H3 socket. The Hella Jumbo 220 is not just a lamp - it's an homage to old school. The angular design is a masterpiece that, with its retro-inspired form, evokes memories of past eras.

    It is crafted in a timeless black plastic housing with a black decorative ring. Wherever you wish to mount your Hella Jumbo 220, it offers unparalleled versatility.

    The decorative ring and reflector can be easily rotated. You can place it standing on the truck's roof, or hang it under the bumper for a more discreet installation. The possibilities are many, ensuring your vehicle looks fantastic from any angle.

    The lamp has a reference of 37,5 and is E-approved.

    Bulbs are NOT included with the lamp. Bracket, bolt, spring washer, and nut for mounting are included.

    Ref.: 1FE 006 300-041

    Classic Hella Jumbo 220 spotlight with H3 socket. Retro design in black plastic with versatile mounting options.

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