In-ground lamp for GU10

    Simple and elegant high quality lamp for in ground mounting, with a built-in GU10 socket, with square or round front.The spot can use all common GU10 lamps in standard length. The spot can be used in gardens, walkways, driveways, patios and similar outdoor areas.

    It is always an advantage to use lamps with replaceable lightsources, which is why we always recommend these GU10 lamps, compared to models with built-in LED emitters. You can easily chose brightnesses and light color by finding a matching GU10 bulb. If you have any problems with the bulb you simply replace it, while models with built-in emitters will have to replaced completely.

    The housing is made of sturdy plastic, while the front is brushed stainless steel, either square or round. The thick front-glass ensures you a lamp that will hold up to any regular use.

    The hole-size of the lamp is 90mm, and its mounting depth is 120mm. The diameter of the front is 110mm. The lamp has 30cm premounted cable.

    Lamp for in-ground mounting of high quality, designed for GU10 bulbs. Stainless steel and thick front

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    Waterproof junction box - IP68

    Junction box with 2, 3 or 4 cable units. There are seals on all openings, making it IP68 (max. 4 metres depth).

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