Multicolor cluster LED light chain with memory

    230V LED light chains for indoor and outdoor (IP44) use. The light chains have 8 different functions / light modes, that can be selected by pressing the switch that is placed on the driver. The memory function remembers the latest instruction.

    They are perfect for hanging outside on the house, garage, around the hedge or wherever you may see fit.

    The light chains are available with either 400 LEDs, and a length of 8 meters light chain, or with 700 LEDs, and a length of 14 meters light chain. common for both is, that they have a 5-meter connection cable and a 230V driver, that allows you to connect it directly to your 230V outputs.

    230V LED light chain for indoor and outdoor with 8 different functions. Available with 400 or 700 LEDs with a total length of 8 meters and 14 metres respectively.

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