Prostrobe Minibar - R65

    Flat LED light bars that can be mounted on various vehicles and connected to both 12V and 24V via a cigarette plug. If desired, the cigarette plug can also be cut off, allowing for fixed power installation and other buttons.

    The light bars have 26 different programs, including running light programs that make the light bar flash like a rotating beacon.

    The LED light bars are powerful and offer many programs. They are ECE R65 approved, making them suitable for use across Europe.

    The light bars are available in 2 different lengths, namely MB1 at 25 cm and MB2 at 36.5 cm. The bars can be mounted using the fixed magnet feet or with optional brackets and M6 bolts.

    Flat LED warning lamps with magnet feet that can be mounted on cars and trucks. Bright light and many functions. ECE R65 approved.

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