Prostrobe Nano LED Light Bar, Yellow - 12-24V

    Powerful and solid LED light bar in a new and updated 2018 model. The light bar is made of polycarbonat and a robust aluminium extrusion. The powerful LED modules along the edge and ends gives you a maximum 360 degree visibility around the whole vehicle.

    The BASIC models include a control panel for turning on and off, switching between high and low and switching between all functions. Alternatively, you can also create your own control panel with regular pushbuttons.

    For ADVANCED models, a smart control panel is provided, where you can easily choose between the different functions, and at the same time the current display shows on the built-in display. The Advanced lightbar can not be used without this control panel.

    R65 approval

    Except of the 76cm are all the lighbars ECE R65 approved.


    Each LED module has 4 powerful high power 3W LEDs built in, and with the effective optics in the lenses you get a wide and strong light beam. The modules are potted and thus completely closed (IP67), which makes them completely protected against ingressing water.

    The light bar has many flashing patterns, and built in night dimming and a standby function.


    Feeds for mounting on the roof, and brackets for mounting on the edge of the roof are included, as is bolts, nuts and washers for fastening these. The design of the light bar allows you to easily place and move the feet around.


    The connection is very easy, and you decide yourself which functions you want to make buttons for. Standard you will only have to connect Red, Black and Yellow to turn it on. White is used for low brightness / night mode, and blue controls the chosen flash pattern.

    • Red = Plus
    • Black = minus
    • Yellow to minus turns it on 
    • White to minus for low brightness
    • Blue to minus
      • Less than 1 second: Next pattern
      • 1-3 seconds: previous pattern
      • More than 5 seconds: fixed on

    Powerful and solid LED light bar, made of durable plastic and aluminium. Powerful LED modules and efficient optics. New 2018 model.

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