Matronics Dynamic indicator-controller 10 - 30V

    Do you have some LED tail-lights without dynamic indicator-lights, but would you like to have it? Then we have the controller for you that can match your needs. 

    The controller makes it possible for you to transform your regular tail-lights to look modern. The controller is made for 3A per channel or 12A in total. Available for either 2x3 tail- / indicator-lights or, as shown on the video, 2x4 tail- / indicator lights. 

    The models with 2x3 and 2x4 have both right and left side in one unit.
    But if you want to control for 5 indicators on each side, you must order two controllerboards so that you have one control for each side.

    Available with or without a cabin.  

    See under download to view the manuals for connecting both models

    Dynamic indicator controller, that gives you the opportunity to transform your normal taillight to look modern. Available for 3 - 5 indicators.

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    LED "Norway" combinationslamp 12 - 24V

    The famous "Norway / Danish" taillamps that you can customize as you wish. Choose between LED tail-, indicator, backup- and foglight, and single or quadruple housing.

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