Spanish markerlamp 10-30V

    Spanish-, earring-, Pablo, lollipo-markerlamp - call it what you like. Elegant and modern spanish markerlamp in a classic design with a star-shaped light output. Every markerlamp has 48 x 0,5W LEDs with 24 LEDs on each side.

    The LED markerlamps are waterproof (IP67), and can be connected to everything between 10-30V. You can therefore use it in many ways for all kinds of vehicles.

    The LED markerlamps are available in 2 types:

    • A dobbelsided markerlamp with red light on one side and white light on the other side.
    • A dobbelsided markerlamp with orange light on both sides

    LED emitter

    Our own Matronics LED emitter fits in to the lamp with BA15s socket. It has 6 bright LEDs, and is potted in frosted resin. The original bulb holder is removed, and our emitters put in. Notice that you need two emitters for one lamp. They are fastened with the included screws, back to back. There is 1 meter wire for connecting them to power.

    Typically you will want a red to the back, and a yellow/white forward. With a Dual Color US light controller, you can use the lamp as indicator as well. With a DC rear and front light controller, it can be used for both position light, brake light and indicators.

    Connecting LED emitters

    For the DC emitters with 2 wires, you swap plus and minus to change colors. Connect yellow wire to plus, and it lights up yellow.


    Spanish-, earring-, Pablo, lollipo-markerlamp - call it what you like. Available in red/white and orange

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