LED Light Source for Hella LED Celisrings

    Note that the yellow and white have been updated to a much newer, better and smaller CREE XQE LED, that gives you much more and better light, especially the yellow/amber. The newer Hella Celis also uses the same size LED.

    LED emitter / light source for Hella Celisringe, which can be used to replace the destroyed original or to change the color in the ring.

    The conversion is quite simple, since the existing diodes are mounted with screws and a power connector, then redevelopment requires no more than a small Torx screwdriver.

    Since the original is not produced anymore, we have chosen to produce them ourselves, in the colours yellow, warm white and xenon-white with a newer and more powerful diode. Notice that some models has the connector on a wire, while others have the connector on the board as the original.

    Dual color kits

    You can read more about this on the product page. This set allows you to chose and switch between two position light colors.

    Hella lamps normally uses 2 pcs. per lamp, while the smaller versions use only 1. They can be used for both 12 V and 24 V, as there is a built in power supply.

    Manufacturer's item numbers:

    White: LXHL-MWEA

    Yellow: LXHL-ML1A

    LED emitter for Hella Celisringe, which can be used to replace a broken original or to change the color in the ring.

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    LED Driver for Hella LED Celis-rings - 350mA

    A potted and waterproof LED driver for 12V and 24V with a connector for the emitters in Hella Celis rings. It replaces a defect original driver in Hella Celis lamps.

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