H7 12V Osram Night Breaker 220 55W, +220%, 1 pack

    These high-performance H7 bulbs from OSRAM introduce the new and updated Night Breaker Laser series, named Night Breaker 220. The bulbs utilize innovative laser ablation technology to emit up to 20% brighter light compared to the lowest standard.

    Additionally, they offer up to 150 meters more visibility and 20% whiter light. The bulb's window is cut with ultra-precise laser technology.

    Compared to standard bulbs, the window in the blue filter is precisely cut (burned off), which is clearly visible on the beveled edges. This precision is not achievable with standard production methods.

    Ref.: 64210NB220.

    High-performance H7 bulbs from OSRAM, Night Breaker 220, emit 20% brighter light and 150 meters more visibility using innovative laser ablation technology.

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