Matronics dynamisk indicator + strobe controller 10-30V

    Controller with 8 channels for dynamic indicators and strobe light, as well as positions lights with posibility of dimming.


    The controller can be set up for a different number of outputs / lamps. The controller will adjust the speed for the dynamic indicator by itself. The controller enables and disables the positive side, and it can also be used for swithing other things besides lights, eg. relay.

    • 2 x 2 lamps (left/right)
    • 2 x 3 lamps (left/right)
    • 2 x 4 lamps (left/right)
    • 5 lamps
    • 6 lamps
    • 7 lamps
    • 8 lamps


    There is 4 inputs that control the following:

    • Indicator right
    • Indicator left
    • Position lights
    • Strobe light


    You can adjust the following with the DIP switches on the controller:

    • Number of channels (2x2 to 8 lamps)
    • Dimmed position lights and strobe effects with dimming
    • Strobe effects (4 available)

    The controller is available with and without enclosure (150 x 100 x 45mm)


    Fuse and protection

    There is a 15A fuse (size 2410) on the controller, but the individual outputs are electronically protected against short circuits and overloaded current. We recomment a max of 3A per output, but max total 12A.

    Controller with 8 channels for dynamic indicators and strobe lights. Easy connection and setups. 4 strobe functions.

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