80W CREE LED 10-30V - 7443 Canbus

    A very bright LED bulb that fits in to 7443 bases. The bulb has 16 x 5W LEDs from CREE in the sides and the front and with the special optic, it creates a great wide beam. There are 3 LEDs on each side and 4 on the front.

    The bulb has the high and low beam function built in, where the low beam brightness is equivalent to 10W, and the high is equivalent to 40W. An original 7443 bulb is 5W and 21W, so this bulb is quite brighter. The real consumption of the bulb is 10W and the xenon-white color is 6000K.

    The bulb is made, so that you avoid errors in most new cars. The bulb works in VW UP, Citigo, Peugeot 208. 

    There are some car models that do not accept the bulbs, where it might be neccessary to purchase external resistors.

    A very bright LED bulb that fits in to 7443 bases. 16 x 5W LEDs from CREE and a special optic create a great beam. A built-in high and low function.

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