LED bulb, 9xSMD - 10-30V BA15S

    LED bulb with 9 pcs. 5050 SMD diodes. The bulb replaces a regular 10~ watt incandescent bulb. The different colors makes the bulb suitable for lighting in many purposes.

    The bulb has a built-in voltage regulator, so that it works on 10 ~ 30 Vdc, preventing damage from charging voltage etc. 

    These bulbs is NOT dimmable

    Total length: 39 mm

    Diameter: 20 mm

    REF. no: 1156, 382, 13821, R5W, R10W, 12V, 24V

    Consumption: 2,5 Watt

    BA15s LED bulb with 9 pcs. 5050 SMD diodes that replace a regular 10 watt incandescent bulb.

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