Matronics LED Position lamp for Scania sunvisor +2016

    Our own designed light, that replaces the original Scania sunvisor lamp. The lamp is available with Dual Color Yellow/White light, and a set with Flash-function - the set consists of 2 lights and 1 controller.

    The light fits into the same holes in the sunvisor, as the original, where it is simply pushed and clicked in. The Dual Color model has the same connector as the original, making it easy to connect. The light can also be mounted other places on the truck.

    It has 12 bright medium power dual color LEDs, as well as 6 High Power LEDs in the Flash-edition. All of it is fully potted in an impact resistant polycarbonate housing, which prevents problems with water and moisture.

    Dual color

    The dual color model changes color when you swap plus and minus. This can be done with a two-pole switch, or by using a polarity-flipper controller.

    Accessory, Dual color Adapter for wiring harness

    We made a special polarity-flipper, that fits directly on the original sunvisor wire harness. The connectors on the wiring harness is disconnected, and the adapter is put in between. The only thing you need to connect, is a single wire, that is connected to plus when the color is to change. This could be done via a switch.

    Dual color + flash

    Standard strobecolor is yellow, but it can be customized to eg. blue or white for special purpose vehicles.

    There is 7 meter cable on the emitter with M8 connectors, that can be connected to the included controller. The controller manages the two colors, and automatically turn them off when you enable the strobe light. The controller itself has 5 meter wire. The cable has 4 wires:

    • Minus - Green cable
    • Plus for white position light - White cable
    • Plus for yellow position light - Yellow cable
    • Plus for strobe light - Brown cable

    Light that replaces the original Scania sunviros lamp, with bright Dual color yellow/white light, and a model with Flash-function.

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