MAN interior lamp emitter TGX 2020+ - Neutral white / Red

    Powerful LED light source that replaces the original light source in the interior ceiling lamps of TGX 2020.

    The original light source has neutral white and red light but with low brightness. Our light source illuminates 3-4 times more powerful red and about 2 times more powerful neutral white light.

    Our light source comes standard with neutral white and red light but can be manufactured in other colors upon request. Both colors can be switched.


    Installation is simple: the light source has the same plug pins and requires no changes in power or lamp. Remove the lamp, click out the original unit, and insert ours. Replacing the emitter only takes 2 minutes.

    Powerful LED emitter for TGX 2020's ceiling lamps, up to 4x brighter. Easy installation without changes.

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