Volvo LED interior lamp conversion kit (FH/FM 2013+)

    Dual color LED emitter with 12 bright LEDs, that replace the original emitter, that only has white light. The default lamp is red and white or RGB, but can be customized to order.

    The original ceiling lamp is removed and disassembled easily. Glass and reflector is taken out, and the original emitter removed. The new board is clicked directly in to where the original was.

    You can connect the lamp completely seperatly from any other lights, and turn it on with a switch or dimmer. With the dual color, you can also connect the light to the built-in red and white light. 

    Connecting - Dual color

    The original connector-pins are fixed on the original emitter, so instead of a connector you have 3 wires:

    • Black: Minus
    • White. Plus for white light
    • Red: Plus for red light

    White and black wire is connected to the original wires, either by buying the adapter, or by cutting off the original connector. The red wire is then connected to plus on the existing red light in the truck. Doing so, the red and white will turn off automatically with the other original lights, and will also be dimmed with it.

    Connecting - RGB

    This model is connected to a standard RGB controller, where you can choose the color and adjust the brightness. There are 4 wires that are connected to the controller as usual: Red, Green, Blue and white (plus)


    LED emitter with 12 bright LEDs, that replace the original emitter, that only has white light. Available with dual color or RGB.

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