Original Scania Emblem with LED edge, IP65

    Waterproof Scania emblem with LED edge/outline. The edge is made from special opaque white acrylic, lighted up by LEDs. 

    Frosted base

    The frosted base gives the emblem a great looking neon outline, visible both day and night. When the light is off, a white frame is visible around the emblem.

    Clear base

    The clear base is almost transparent when the light is not turned on, and you typically only be able to see it is a light-base when the light is on. This model is prefered if you do not want the frosted edge around the emblem when it is turned off. The base still gives you a neon-look when it is turned on, but it primarily the background that is lit up.

    Dual color

    This model has 3 wires, a common plus, and a minus for each color. You change colors by moving the minus from one color to the other. You should not have both colors on at the same time.


    • Brown wire plus
    • Green wire minus = Yellow
    • White wire minus = White


    Fastening is done using the threaded inserts in the base, or you can purchase double adhesive tape. There is a 3-meter cable mounted to the base through a strain relief. The emblem now uses the same LEDs as used in the base for the Scania Sign, so that they have the same matching lights, necessary if you intend to use both sign and emblems together.

    Mounting options are bought seperatly.

    Bolt-sets: The set consists: 2 x 10mm, 2 x 20mm bolts, 2 nuts and washers. It is important not to tighten bolts too far down in the the emblem, as you will ruin the potting material.

    Tape: We recommend you use minimum 3 x tape for each emblem. The tape is high quality 3M VHB.

    Clearance model:

    The clearance model is being discontinued in favor of the new model.

    The emblem is available with stainless bolts or double-adhesive 3M VHB 4959 tape, that can also be used outdoors. The cable can be put through the mounting surface or passed on below the emblem.

    The emblem is currently available with white, yellow and red light.


    Waterproof Scania emblem with LED edge / outline. Available with white and yellow light.

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