Additional position light for Scania LED foglight 2016-2022

    Emitters with 18 bright LEDs, specifically developed for the original Scania LED foglights. The emitters are available in xenon white, yellow and warm white, lights up the whole reflector of the foglights. The light is not blinding and works as position lights. The clever design allows you to fully keep the function of the foglight.

    The emitter is placed on top of the existing emitter for the fog-light. Screws and spacers are included, and are required for mounting. There is 3 meter wire.

    Single color, Yellow/White/Warm white

    There is 3 meter wire on each emitter, that can be connected to the regular positionlight. There is a plus and minus wire.

    Dual color

    There is 3 meter cable on each board. There is one minus and two plus-wires. You should never have both colors turned on, so you need to use a toggle switch to change between the colors.

    Dual color + flash

    Standard strobecolor is yellow, but it can be customized to eg. blue or white for special purpose vehicles.

    There is 6 meter cable on the emitter with M8 connectors, that can be connected to the included controller. The controller manages the two colors, and automatically turn them off when you enable the strobe light. The controller itself has 3 meter wire. The cable has 4 wires:

    • Grey - Ground 
    • Brown - Strobe 
    • White - White Position 
    • Blue - Yellow Position 
    • Black - Greeting-flash 

    It is necessary to cut the cables with M8 connectors when mounting, so make sure you make the assembly waterproof, and connect the wires to the correct colors.


    Remove all screws from the top of the lamp

    The heatsink is glued on to the lamp, so you must cut it along the edge with a hobby knife. See the photo of the heatsink from above, where it is marked with a red dashed line where you need to cut. Break the lamp apart, eg. use two flat screwdrivers to make the glue tear apart.

    Remove as much original glue as possible.

    Drill a hole in the lamp as marked. It is an advantage to drill in between two heat sink ribs, as this makes gluing the wire easier. Feed the cable from the emitter through. Make sure not to ruin the cable-jacket. It can be an advantage to countersink the hole first. Make sure to seal the hole again.

    Remove the two outer screws on the original emitter, and place the two spacers over the holes. Put the new emitter on top of the existing, with the LEDs placed outwards. The emitter is fastened using the included M4x8mm screws. The lamp is glued and screwed together again.

    Connect the lamp, eg. to the existing position light.

    Emitters that fits into the original Scania LED foglights. The lamps are opened and the emitters is placed on top of the original. Fits models from 2016-2022.

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