Additional position light for Scania LED Top High beam +2016

    LED emitters specifically developed for the Scania high beams in the roof. The 6 powerful LEDs on each emittter, light up reflector, and it work as extra / supplemental position lights.

    The emitter available with Dual color and Dual color + Flash. The flash model has 6 high power LEDs that gives a very bright flash.

    Dual color

    There is 3 meter cable on each board. There is one minus and two plus-wires. You should never have both colors turned on, so you need to use a toggle switch to change between the colors.

    Dual color + flash

    Standard strobecolor is yellow, but it can be customized to eg. blue or white for special purpose vehicles.

    There is 6 meter cable on the emitter with M8 connectors, that can be connected to the included controller. The controller manages the two colors, and automatically turn them off when you enable the strobe light. The controller itself has 3 meter wire. The cable has 4 wires:

    • Minus - Green cable
    • Plus for white position light - White cable
    • Plus for yellow position light - Yellow cable
    • Plus for strobe light - Brown cable


    Mounting the emitters in to the lamps is relatively easy, especially compared to the other lamps.

    The lamps have to be removed from the frames they are mounted in.

    Use the included drilling template on the bottom of the lamp, and drill a 20mm hole and two 3.5mm holes. Make sure to remove any debris from the drilling.

    The emitter is put in to the lamp through the large hole. On the emitter, there is two solder-nuts, that is used for fastening the emutter, through the two small holes, with the included M3 bolts. Make sure to add glue to the head of the bolts, to avoid water ingress.

    Push up the rubber gasket, so that it is secured in the hole. It can be a benefit to add silicone grease in the gasket, to avoid water ingress.

    LED emitters for the Scania high beams in the roof. Powerful LEDs light up reflector. Available with Dual color and with Strobe.

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