Additional position light for Scania LED Top High beam 2023+

    LED emitter for position light, that fits in to the top high beam on Scania trucks from 2023+. Is mounted on top of the existing emitter, where it lights up all of the reflector.

    The emitter is available with single color, dual color as well as with strobe / warning light. Emitters with strobe has 3 high power LEDs

    Dual color

    There is 3 meter cable on each board. There is one minus and two plus-wires. You should never have both colors turned on, so you need to use a toggle switch to change between the colors.

    Dual color + flash

    Standard strobecolor is yellow, but it can be customized to eg. blue or white for special purpose vehicles.

    There is 6 meter cable on the emitter with M8 connectors, that can be connected to the included controller. The controller manages the two colors, and automatically turn them off when you enable the strobe light. The controller itself has 3 meter wire. The cable has 4 wires:

    • Minus - Green cable
    • Plus for white position light - White cable
    • Plus for yellow position light - Yellow cable
    • Plus for strobe light - Brown cable


    The lamp is easily opened, by removing all the screws on the backside of the heat sink. 

    The original emitter must stay, but the screws holding it must be removed. The included spacers must be placed in between the original emitter and our emitters, and then you use the screws to fasten everything together.

    The wires is then feed through the lamp, this can be done with a hole, or you can feed the wire through one the valve holes on the backside.

    LED emitter for position light, that fits in to the top high beam on Scania trucks 2023+. Available with single and dual color as well as strobe.

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