Additional position light for Scania LED high-beam +2023

    Emitter with 6 bright LEDs, for supplemental position lights in the high beams under the windscreen. Mounted on top of the original emitters.

    The emitters lights up half of the lamps interior up, and gives you a nice non-blinding light. The clever design ensures that the functionality of the high beam is unchanged.

    Notice that the new high beam lamps from +2023 have reduced internal space, and thus it is only possible to light up half the lamp, using fewer LEDs. Do not expect results similar to 2016+2022 lights.

    Dual color

    The emitter has dual color LEDs, enabling it two different light colors. You choose the color depending on which wire is connected to positive. There is 3 meter wire on the emitter.

    Dual color + flash

    An advanced controller is included, making it possible to switch colors on the emitters, as well as turning on a strobe mode, and a special greeting mode:

    • White positions light
    • Yelllow position light
    • Strobe / Warning light
    • Greeting function

    The strobe function can be controlled by the 3 dip-switches on the board. It has 2 switches for selection of 4 strobe patterns, and a switch for split flash.


    The lamps have to be opened for mounting. One of the positive changes in the 2023 model of the fog lights, is that they are now very easy to screw apart - no more trouble with glue!

    Remove all the screws from the heatsink on the top of the lamp. Remove the heatsink. Remove the screws on the original emitter. Mount our emitter on top of the original, using the included spacer and 14mm screws. 

    The cable has to be fed out of the lamp. We prefer to use one of the blue valves on the backside. They are simply pulled off. You will have to use pull-cord to do this, from the outside through the valve. It might be necessary to widen the hole with a drill. If the cable has a connector, you will have to cut this off and reassemble afterwards. 

    When the cable is through the hole, we recommend applying glue around the cable and valve, and a shrink tubing is placed over both.

    Emitters with a total of 12 bright LEDs, for supplemental lights in the high beams under the windscreen. Mounted on top of the original emitters.

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