Matronics IP65 Lightbar

    Waterproof potted lightbar with a bright LED strip. The potting material protects the strip, and makes it possible to use this outdoors, where is might be subjected to moisture and water. The profiles has a operating temperature from -25 to 60 degrees, which means they will work fine in typical european weather.

    The selectable LED strips for the profiles gives a great even light. They are available with both 12VDC and 24VDC, while you need a transformer for 230V.

    They are available in six various lengths, but they can also be cut off after request, for example can we shorten a 149cm to 120cm. The profiles are available anodized and black-anodized.


    Our profiles are standard with clear casting material. You can choose frosted if you want the LED strip to be more hidden. The frosted casting material also gives you a better light scattering, but reduces the light output a bit.
    Clear casting will change the light color on white strips to look more "cold".
    We suggest that you avoid clear potting on COB LED strips.

    Standard light bars

    2 clips are included for 49cm and 99cm profiles and 4 clips for 149cm and 199cm profiles. The clips are screwed on the mounting surface, and the profile clicked on. You get a great finish, as the clips are on the inside of the profile.

    Corner light bars

    The corner profile is mounted with brackets, that are intended to be mounted in the corners of ceilings and walls, with screws, bolts or rivets. We recommend that you do not use profiles longer than 1 meter when there is a lot of motion, eg. in vehicles, as they are only fastened in the ends.


    The cable is black, and goes out through the end. If requested we can also use a different colored cable.

    We do not make these in white since they are not anodized, and therefore not suitable for outdoor use.

    Former SKUs:

    12V: 651501 651502 651503 651504 651511 651512 651513 651514 651521 651522 651523 651524

    24V: 652501 652502 652503 652504 652511 652512 652513 652514 652521 652522 652523 652524

    Waterproof potted lightbar with bright LED strip for 12VDC or 24VDC. Available in multiple lengths. A 3-metres wire and mounting clips included.

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