LED positionslight, 5xSMD 12V - W3W / W5W

    The price is for a set of 2 light bulbs.

    24V LED bulb W3W/W5W with 5 high SMD LEDs. Are typically used to position lights and flashers mm.

    The brightness is equivalent to about 5 Watts. - Note that these light bulbs do not tolerate high heat from the headlights etc.

    The diameter of the bulb is 11 mm. 
    Length: 28 mm (measured from the bottom to the diode peak). 
    A built-in voltage regulation protects against high charging voltage.

    Note: If you replace your turn signals bulb with a LED bulb it will typically blink faster as usual. You will, therefore, be forced to use "resistors", which uses the same effect as an ordinary light bulb.

    24V W3W/W5W LED bulbs with 5 strong SMD LEDs. They are typically used as position lights and flashers.

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