LED Bulb, 24xSMD 10-30V, 21W - BA15S

    Extra powerful LED light bulbs with 24 pcs. 5050 SMD diodes, which provide a broad and a bright light in the whole headlight. This type of BA15 LED bulb lends itself to many purposes:

    Xenon white for daytime running lights or back lights with a strong brightness.
    Red brake lights and rear fog lamp.
    Yellow to turn signals and tail lights too.

    The bulb has a built-in voltage regulator, so that it works on 10 ~ 30 volts without the being damaged of the charging voltage etc.

    Note: When switching the turn signals bulb with LED bulbs, the light will be blinking faster than usual. You will therefore need to use cheat resistors, which use the same effect as an ordinary light bulb.

    The diameter of the bulb is 20 mm.
    50 mm long (measured from the pole to the diode peak)
    REF. no: 1156, 382, 13498, R10W, P21W, 24V

    Consumption: 3,0 Watt

    Extra strong BA15s LED bulbs with 24 pcs. 5050 SMD diodes, which provide a powerful and a wide light.

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