LED Drivers for 3W LEDs

Drivers with a constant current output of 700mA, that fit 3W LEDs.

Drivers with remotes 

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T1 / T3 RGB constant current system

A constant-current RGB controller or dimming-controller that is controlled by the wireless T1, T3 or T3M remotes. For 1W, 3W and 5W LEDs.

DKK 249,00
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T4 RGB + White constant current - CC controller (350-1050mA)

A constant-current RGBW controller that is controlled by the wireless T4 remote. For 1W, 3W and 5W LEDs.

DKK 349,00

Standard drivers 

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Mean Well GSC LED driver

Smart 700mA LED power supply that its directly in to a power socket. 2 models with various max power.

DKK 189,00
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Mini Driver for a High Power LEDs

An unprotected mini LED driver to provide a high power LED with the right amount of power.

DKK 19,95
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10 - 28Vdc 3W LED Driver 700mA

An embedded constant current driver for high power LEDs 700mA.

DKK 109,00
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230V Round LED Driver 700mA 1-3 3W LEDs

LED driver that delivers 700mA constant current. Max voltage 12V, and can pull up to 3 x 3W High Power LEDs.

DKK 149,00

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