Powerful High Power LEDs for lighting

High Power LEDs are very powerful LEDs, designed to light as much as possible for the least amount of power.

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The High Power LEDs are very easy to use, since you just need to connect a suitable LED driver that allows the diode to the correct voltage and current. You can also choose to put a lens on, to focus the light in a specific scattering angle.

The High Power LEDs can be used for any project. For example, to the aquarium or terrarium lighting, special LED lamps or lamps, own-designed LED fixtures etc. We use these internally for various LED projects, such as our Sublight underwater lights.


High Power LEDs require a constant current, and not a constant voltage as used in our 12V LEDs. To make the constant current you have to use a constant current source / supply.

You can connect LEDs in series as shown below, which will send the same constant current through them - if you connect them in parallel the curent will be split, and they will light up less.

Lumen is the amount of light a emitter produces, and is thus the most used number when talking about light. When you want to replace a incandescent with a LED bulb it is very practical to calculate the amount of lumen you need. Typically you only have the wattage, and now how many lumens it lights.

The effectivity of a emitter measures how many lumens it creates compared to how much power is uses - lumens per watt.

An example for a 25W incandescent with 15 lumen / watt creates so many lumens:

Lumen = 25W x 15 Lumen / Watt = 375 Lumen

This means if you want to replace this bulb, you would need a LED bulb that creates about 375 lumens.

Lyskilde type Lumen per watt
Incandescent light bulb 12.5-17.5 lm/W
Halogen  16-24 lm/W
Fluorescent  45-75 lm/W
LED 30-90 lm/W
Metal halide 75-100 lm/W
High pressure sodium 85-150 lm/W
Low pressure sodium  100-200 lm/W
Mercury vapor lamp 35-65 lm/W

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A Solid Colored 3W High Power LED

Powerful 3W high power diodes in solid color, mounted on a star-print. Available in red, green, blue, yellow, cold and warm white.

DKK 39,95
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RGB 3W High Power LED, 110 Lumens

A powerful 3W high power RGB LED mounted on a star-print. It can be used to make powerful diode lamps and light.

DKK 89,95
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Lenses for High Power LED

20 mm lens/optics in suitable holders, designed for our strong High Power LEDs. The lens and the holder are attached just above the diode.

DKK 19,95
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High Power LED 12W - RGB+White, 960 Lumen

A very powerful high power LED with 4 color-channels, each supplied with 300-350mA.

DKK 249,00
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Luxeon 1 Watt PowerLED in Parts - 12V

It lights just as strongas 20 high bright diodes and at the same time - with a very wide light scattering 110 degrees.

DKK 89,00

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