Rotor beacon for tractors and trailers

Rotor beacon gives you a bright 360 degree warning light. Typically mounted high on the vehicle, but can be mounted anywhere.

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Prostrobe - LED Rotorblink, R65

Large rotor beacon with 18 x 3W LEDs. Rotor beacon and strobe function. R65 approved for public road.

DKK 695,00
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Prostrobe - Mini Rotor, R65

Compact and solid LED rotor and flash beacon with magnet base and cigar plug, for fixed or momentary mounting on car and truck.

DKK 599,00
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Prostrobe - Micro Rotor - Yellow, rechargable

The smallest Prostrobe beacon, which is designed with a built-in battery and magnet base, perfect for temporary mounting.

DKK 499,00

Flush mount 

LED strobe flashes, that are mounted permanently on a flush surface

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LED Beacon, 12-48V - Flat Mounting

A compact LED beacon for mounting on a flat surface. A solid housing with a polycarbonate glass. Yellow, red, green or blue.

DKK 395,00

Pole mount 

LED strobe flashes that are mounted on a pole, using standard ISO plugs.

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Bracket for rotor beacon, flat base

Flat base for mounting of a rotor beacon with a DIN connector. Easily mounted with two bolts.

DKK 165,00

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