Sprayer LED - Light for field sprayer nozzles

We have developed a strong solution for evening and night-lighting of the nozzles on fieldsprayers. It is a flexible platform and can be mounted on all fieldsprayers.

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Complete solution for lighting on field sprayers

The Sprayer LED solution consists of High Power LED lamps for the nozzles, and a central power supply. Industrial connectors between the lamps ensure that they are easy to connect, and a series of mounting-kits make it easy to mount the lamps on the fieldsprayer. 

Proven technology, optimized design

Our LED lamps have been tested in a number of years, and with the newest upgrades, the system is easier to mount and connect than before. All lamps are now connected in a single chain, making splitters unnecessary. 

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Powerful 12V to 24V powersupply

The 240W power supply is the heart of the solution. Its primary function is to boost the voltage from 12V up to 24V. The higher voltage allows more lamps to be connected in series, removing the need for splitters. At 12V it is only possible to connect 8 in series, but with 24V you can connect 40 lamps in series.

There is 15 meter cable to the power supply, and 2 meter cable to the relay control. The supply cable is 2 x 6mm², and the relay cable is 2 x 0.25mm².


The voltage converter in the power supply is protected against overloading and shorting of the output. The powersupply is encased in a IP65 cabinet of black annodized alumnium. The extra cooling element around it ensures thermal stability.

Relay control

The built-in relay control makes it easy to control the power to the lamps, either by using the lamps built-in control, a switch on the sprayer, or inside the tractor.

Solid lamps med High Power LEDs

Flexibility and easy mounting was the primary goal with the lamp. The shape makes it possible to mount it with cable-ties, bolts, brackets and pipe-clamps. The mounting-holes are placed both throught the front and the sides of the lamp, in both ends

Simple construction

The lamp consists of few but high quality components that together make up a reliable and solid lamp. The materials in plastic, aluminum and PUR are all resisant to chemicals.

The aluminium-frame around the lamp protects the optics and the electronics against impact from crops and branches. The potting using PUR makes the lamp completely waterproof, with a ingress protection rating of IP68. The same design is used for our undervater-lamps. The optic is made of impact resistant polycarbonate.


Each lamp has a LED driver built-in, which removes external driver-boxes on the boom. In case one lamp stops working, the rest will continue to work. This also minimizes the number of parts to replace if a defect occours, where alternative solutions might require replacing multiple lamps and driver.

M8 connectors from end to end

With M8 connectors on the outputs and on all the lamps, it is straight forward to connect the lamps. The standard version has two outputs, one for each boom. With 40 lamps on each side of the sprayer, there are enough for even the larger fieldsprayer. 

Get an offer for your fieldsprayer

We would like to send you a no-obligation quote for a complete Sprayer LED system your fieldsprayer. The only thing we need to know is the following:

  • Field-sprayer model
  • Number of nozzles
  • Distance between nozzles
  • Mounting kits
  • Accessories

Lend a test-kit

We offer free lending of lamps and mounting kits for testing, and also to see which mounting-kits fits your fieldsprayer. Contact your dealer to arrange a loan of a test-kit.

Products in the category

5 workdays for delivery

Sprayer LED - Power Supply

A powerful power-supply for Sprayer LED lamps. It converts 12V to 24V, so that more lamps can be connected. A 15 metres supply cable.

DKK 2.495,00
5 workdays for delivery

Sprayer LED - Lamp for Spraynozzle

A compact and robust lamp for lighting the sprayer-nozzles. Flexible mounting, powerful light.

DKK 169,00
5 workdays for delivery

Sprayer LED - Mounting Kit for Nozzle-lamp

A kit for fixating the lamp to the booms of the sprayer. Various types: cableties, brackets and pipeclamps.

DKK 25,00
5 workdays for delivery

Sprayer LED - Junction Box

A compact junction-box that is connected to the power-supply. You can connect 2 x 32 nozzle lamps to a junction box.

DKK 239,00

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