Flexible LED warning lights

Our flexible Prostrobe Flex products are developed for professional users and machine factories. They are proven products, that have completed prolonged and practical tests on the roads.

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Prostrobe Controller - 4A - 12V & 24V

A powerful professoinal strobe-controller that works with all LED products. A fixed program makes all connected markings, lamps and bulbs to flash simultaneously.

DKK 495,00
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Matronics Prostrobe Flex

A flexible and waterproof lamp designed to mark the stand, but can be used anywhere on vehicles and machines.

DKK 225,00


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M8 Cable - Male / Female Connector

PUR cable with a male connector at one of the ends and a female connector at the other end.

DKK 50,00
One workday for delivery

M8 Field Attachable Connector

A loose connector that can be mounted on a cable. There are soldering-pins inside the connector.

DKK 52,50
One workday for delivery

M8 Panel Feed - Through

It allows you to secure the penetrations of cables through panels.

DKK 69,00
One workday for delivery

M8 Cover

A plastic-cover for M8 connectors. It effectively protects an unused connector against water and dirt.

DKK 9,95

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