Aluminium system / construction profiles

An aluminium profile/construction system with T-slot profiles, that makes it easy to make larger and smaller constructions.

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T-slot profiles are typically used in small and larger machines, such as 3D printers and other types of CNC machines. The profiles are also very useful for enclosures and guards.

They are known under the names 2020, 3030 and 4040, which refers to their standard dimensions.

The 2020 profiles have a 6mm slot, while 3030 og 4040 profiles have a 8mm slot.

The profiles are very easy to machine, and you essentially just need a metal saw, eg. a circular saw. Just cut the profiles up in to the wanted lengths, and you are done.

To build with the profiles is very simple with the right accessories. Especially the angles / brackets are the most important part.

If you need high strength we recommend the large external brackets, otherwise the smaller internal brackets are fine.

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