M4 bolts and nus

M4 nuts, bolts, washers and other parts that fit together with M4 threads

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M4 metal-hook

Open and closed metal-hook with M4 thread.

DKK 2,00
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M4 pinolscrew - 6mm

Standard pinol screw with M4 thread, and unbrako head.

DKK 1,00
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M4 Parts in A4 Stainless Steel

A4 stainless bolts, washers, spring washers and nuts in M4 dimensions. They can be used for mounting lamps and other parts.

DKK 1,00
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Rubber wellnut

Nut in rubber housing, for fastening parts on a surface, where you cannot get access to use a normal nut on the backside.

DKK 4,00

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