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GU10 LED bulbs from Philips, Avide and Helios

Energy-saving LED bulbs for GU10 socket. Easy to replace when the diode light bulbs is the same size as GU10 halogen bulbs.

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GU10 LED bulbs are available in different models and with different number of diodes. From 20 to 48 normal diodes, 12-24 SMD diodes and 1-4 super-powerful high-power diodes. GU10 LED bulbs are available in warm and cool-white light, as well as in different colors. The warm white light, it is reminiscent of normal light from halogen bulbs.

The GU10 socket is actually a newer invention, as it was created by Havells Sylvania i 1996. The difference between GU10 and other spot-bulbs is that is uses 230V, where typical spot-bulbs use 12V. The difference is that you dont need a transformer from 230V to 12V.

Helios & Avide 

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Avide GU10 LED Bulb

A powerful GU10 LED bulb from Avide with a wide light scattering. Different models from 2,5W -> 7W.

DKK 35,00


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GU10 Philips Classic LED, Dimmable AC230V

A dimmable classic GU10 LED bulb from Philips.

DKK 59,00

Other manufacturers 


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Helios Colored GU10 LED bulb - 2,2W

GU10 LED/Diode bulb with 12 pcs. 3-Chip SMD diodes. It is available in the colours red, blue and green.

DKK 69,00
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Mi-Light RGB+CCT bulb - GU10 4W

Powerful GU10 smart-bulb in Mi-Lights CCT system, that can change color and color-temperature. Easy replacement.

DKK 129,00

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