Sublight underwater lights for boats

Sublight is series of underwater lights for boats, pools and other underwater purposes. Available in a single color or in an advanced RGB version. Designed and manufactured in Denmark.

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Powerful LED lights for underwater lighting

The lamps are constructed in 2 mm anodised aluminium and an impact-resistant plastic, with all electronics embedded. Powerful optical lenses with 10-degree spread give you a powerful long-distance light.

Sublight single color lamps

We have two  types of lamps,  the basic one has one fixed color and gives a constant light. However, you can manually mix colors by using multiple lamps with different colors, for example a red, a green and a blue lamp, and adding switches to all of the lamps.

Sublight RGB lamps

RGB lamp changes colors and is able to produce unlimited light colors. It is being controlled by a wireless remote control. With the remote control you can also start different light effect programs, and arrange the individual lamps in zones, which can operate individually. This all depends on the type of controller you use.


Sublight lightsources 

One workday for delivery

Matronics Sublight Underwater Light - Single Color Lamp

Very powerful single-color LED underwater lamps for your boat.

DKK 449,00
2 workdays for delivery

Matronics Sublight Underwater - 12V RGB Lamp

An updated model of our RGB underwater lamps that now can be connected directly to 12V. 3 very bright High Power LEDs produce a phenomenal light.

DKK 795,00
One workday for delivery

Matronics Sublight 6 Underwater Light

The Sublight 6 lamp has double the number of LEDs, but almost 4 x more ligh output. Housing in annodized alu and plastic.

DKK 899,00

RGB Controllere 

One workday for delivery

Mi-Light RGB system

RGB controller for 12V and 24V that can be controlled with a wireless remote or can be extended with a smartphone control.

DKK 129,00


One workday for delivery

Matronics Sublight Mounting Kit for Underwater

A mounting-kit consisting of two stainless screws or bolts with nuts for fastening Sublight underwater lamps.

DKK 7,95
One workday for delivery

PUR cable, Black

Durable and resistant black PUR-cable with 2, 4 and 5 wires.

DKK 8,00
One workday for delivery

RGB Flexistripe 12V

RGB Flexistripe with a strong 3 m adhesive tape.

DKK 119,00

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