Reblys LED 12Vdc

Can be used for decoration in caravans, awnings and on boats.

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Can be used for decoration in caravans, awnings and on boats. Rebly set runs on 12Vdc, so we have suitable "starter kits", where you can choose to buy connecting cable with or without 230V adapter. Thus, you can decide whether you want it to run on batteries or on the 230V power connection.

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12V SMD LED Rope Light

A nice flexible SMD LED Rope Light that gives a stronger light than our normal rope lights, however only in one direction.

DKK 69,00
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A Starter-pack for 12V SMD Rope Light

A complete starter-pack with a waterproof transformer, a connection cable, clips and an endcap. Available for 5 to 30 metres rope light.

DKK 349,00
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A Connecting Cable for SMD Rope Light

Cable and a connector for the SMD Rope Light.

DKK 29,00
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End Caps for SMD Rope Light

Rubber end caps to be fitted at the end of the rope light.

DKK 2,50
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Connector-cable for SMD Rope Light

A flexible cable for connecting two Rope Lights. It can be used to combine several lenghts or for making angles.

DKK 19,00
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Clip for SMD Rope Light

Clips in a hard plastic to be attached to the SMD Rope Light. It is being mounted easily with two screws.

DKK 1,50
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SMD rope light pins, bag with 5 pcs

Same pins that are in the connectors. Used when the included break, or if you loose them.

DKK 35,00

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