LED SMD stripe

Flexistrips are thin flexible strips with luminous LEDs. The self-adhesive tape on the back makes them easy to mount everywhere.

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They are perfect for lighting in the cabin of a caravan or on a boat, where the space is often cramped. Their low power consumption is also a plus, especially if there is no grid power and they run on a battery.

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LED Stripe 12V - 50

Flexible LED stripes in single color. Sold in lengths of 50cm. Available up to 5 metres in reels.

DKK 39,00
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LED Stripes, Splashproof, 5m - 12V

5 metres splashproof LED SMD stripe with a bright light. 350-950 Lumen per m.

DKK 279,00
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50 cm RGB LED SMD Stripe 12V

A smart RGB multicolor SMD stripe, so you can make a sea of colors with the same SMD stripe.

DKK 45,00
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A Wireless RGB / RGBW Sound Controller for 12V-24Vdc

RGB / RGBW sound controller to control the different colors on max. 20 metres RGB SMD-Tape 12V and 24V

DKK 199,00
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Mi-Light Dimmer for 12V and 24V

A light dimmer for 12V and 24V, controlled with a remote, touch panel or wifi / app on your smartphone.

DKK 129,00

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