RGB Flexistripe 12V

    RGB Flexistripe with a strong 3 m adhesive tape. By combining these RGB stripes with a RGB controller, you are given the possibility to create a lot of stunning effects and different colors.

    The stripes are available in lengths of 50cm and 100cm and with 6 different light colors.

    Wirelength 2 meters.

    RGB Flexistripe with a strong 3 m adhesive tape.

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    T3 Wireless RGB Color Control - 12V and 24V

    T3 remotes are used for the T3 controllers. A quick color-change with the color wheel and other advanced possibilities. Two models.

    DKK 249,00
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    RGB Controller with a Touch Remote 12-24V

    RGB controller with a touch remote to RGB stripe and diodes. 12-24V -10 amp.

    DKK 199,00
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    Mi-Light RGB system

    RGB controller for 12V and 24V that can be controlled with a wireless remote or can be extended with a smartphone control.

    DKK 129,00

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