Changing dashboard-lights is not a simple tasks, and requires some skill and patience. Colored bulbs does not always give the expected effect, so we have made special LED bulbs that fit in the most cars. Our LED bulbs consist of one or multiple LEDs in an original base. To get a successful result your dashboard has to be fulfil these requirements: The light has to come through the dashboard come from above and light down on the dashboard.

If your dashboard is made in this way, you cannot be sure you get the wanted effect. We then recommend colored bulbs or a complete rework.

If the light comes from above and lights down on the dashboard, like in VW or Ford, we recommend the bases with 2 LEDs where after you bend and turn them like shown on this sketch. This way you will get an even lighting in your dashboard.

In the middle console most models use LED bulb 1X1 / 1X1-2.  They fit where there is a 4x2mm glas base, so you dont need to solder.

Other places where there are no bulbs, you might have to replace them with loose 12V R-LEDs. They are special LEDs with built-in resistors, so they can be connected directly to 12V without resistor. They are perfect for buttons, where there is little space.


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