LED autobulbs and ECE approval

We often get requests for ECE approved LED bulbs, but it is sadly not something that is available. The reason for this is quite simple.

It is UNECE that makes the regulations that products are ECE- / E-approved against. The regulations that approve halogen bulbs in halogen lamps, do not permit LED bulbs in halogen lamps. The only thing the regulatin allows is LED modules mounted in lamps specifically designed for it.

This means that there are not ECE-regulations that LED bulbs can be approved against. Because of this, it is not easily to find LED auto bulbs from manufacturers like Osram, Philips etc. as it is not very interesting for them to develop.

Some places advertise with ECE-approved LED bulbs, but this is simply not true. If you need to get your car approved, you will have a hard time to do this with LED bulbs. Also not that CE and ECE approval is two quite different things. A CE-approval is not equal an E-approval.

You can find the regualtion on UNECE.org

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