LED autobulbs and ECE approval


The inspectors follows the "Declaration on the interior and equipment of vehicles" when inspecting motorbikes, cars and trucks. It requires e-approved lights on your vehicle, and therefore the light sources / bulbs also have to be E-approved. If you replace the halogen bulbs with some halogen or LED that are not e-approved, you may have problems with vision. Osram and Philips have started to sell E-approved LED bulbs, but these LED bulbs have only been tested and approved on a small selection of headlights/car models, so if your car's headlights are not mentioned in the lists below the product descriptions, it is still illegal to retrofit these LED bulbs in your lights.

Incorrect e-authorizations
You must also be aware that CE and E-approval are two very different things. A CE approval is not the same as an E-approval. There are also a number of LED bulbs on the market that have an R10 E-approval, but this only covers EMC/radio noise and has nothing to do with the LED bulbs' function and use.

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