Laboratory power supply

Adjustable and fixed voltage power supplies and accessories, that are used in electronics laboratories. Connectors and cables makes setting up easy, secure and quickly.

Single channel 

One workday for delivery

Laboratorie strømforsyning - Korad KD3005

Powerful digitally adjustable laboratory power supply, 1 channel with max 30V and 5A. Voltage and current is easy to adjust with the two wheels.

DKK 699,00
In stock again 6/9/2022

Laboratory powersupply - Korad KA3005P

Powerful digital and programmable laboratory power supply, 1 channel max 30V and 5A. Many functions, including built in memory for 4 setups.

DKK 949,00
One workday for delivery

Laboratory power supply - Korad KD6005P

Powerful model that has 60V output. With 5A it can supply 300W, more than enough for most tasks.

DKK 1.750,00

Double channel 

In stock again 6/30/2022

Laboratory powersupply - Korad KD3305D

Advanced digital powersupply, with 2 output on 30V 5A, and 1 output on 5V/3.3V/2.5V. Series and parallel coupling of outputs.

DKK 1.899,00


Standard accessories for power supplies and other equipment with 4mm banana plugs

One workday for delivery

Insulated Crocodile clip for 4mm socket (15A, CAT II 300V)

Smart crocodile clip that fits 4mm sockets. Max current 15A. Classified as CAT II 300V. Black or red.

DKK 25,00
One workday for delivery

Cable with 4mm banana plug

High quality cable with 4mm banana plug. Protection cover insulates the plug when not in used. Stackable.

DKK 55,00
One workday for delivery

Insulated probe for 4mm socket

Practical probe that is protected with a plastic cape, that automatically pushes back. Secured against short circuits.

DKK 55,00
One workday for delivery

4mm banana plug

Bananaplug that can be set on a loose wire. There is a screw terminal in the plug for connection.

DKK 12,00
One workday for delivery

Clip-on probe with 4mm socket

Smart probe for clipping on wires or components on a circuit.

DKK 79,00
One workday for delivery

Female banana plug for panel

4mm female plug that fits in a 12mm hole. Can be used for own instruments and power supplies.

DKK 25,00


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