Dimmers for 24V

Dimmers for 24V, which can be used for dimming your 24V bulbs, 24V LEDs and other 24V light products.

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Note that dimmers may work in many different ways, and we can not guarantee that a dimmer will interoperate with a given bulb.

Contact us if you want us to test it before buying it. We do it free of charge, and we advise you to do so before finalizing your purchase.

Products in the category

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A dimmer for max. 30 LEDs / 600mA

A mini dimmer for 12Vdc and 24Vdc products. Max power = 0.6 A ~ 600mA.

DKK 89,00
One workday for delivery

A dimmer switch, 12V-24V - 8 Amp.

A compact little 12-24V DC dimmer with a rotary knob that can handle up to 8A. Available with a built-in knob or on a cable.

DKK 99,00
One workday for delivery

Dimmer switch, 12V-24V - 30 Amp.

Compact 12-24V DC dimmer with a rotary knob that can handle up to 30A.

DKK 149,00
One workday for delivery

Touch dæmper i silver plast, 12-24V 2A

A touch switch for 12 ~ 24Vdc 2A, a 15 cm cable with a DC connector.

DKK 119,00
One workday for delivery

LED Touch Dimmer, 12 ~ 24Vdc 3 Amp.

This smart LED touch dimmer can be used for both 12V and 24V products.

DKK 129,00
One workday for delivery

An universal light-dimmer with a push-dim, 12-24V 12A

A smart dimmer that is controlled with a external button. A short press on the button for on/off and holding the button for dimming up and down.

DKK 395,00
One workday for delivery

Mi-Light Dimmer for 12V and 24V

A light dimmer for 12V and 24V, controlled with a remote, touch panel or wifi / app on your smartphone.

DKK 129,00
One workday for delivery

T1 Dimming - Remote for a T1 / T3 Controller

An advanced dimming-system to set the brightness on 12V and 24V LED products, such as the LED stripes.

DKK 249,00

24V transformer with built-in dimmer 

One workday for delivery

230V to 24VDC dimmable transformers for installation

They are great for 24VDC stripe lights, which need to be controlled by 230V system.

DKK 325,00
One workday for delivery

230V ~ 24V DC Transformer. Multi Dimmable

24VDC transformer, where the dimmer is built-in and managed by either tilt pressure, 0-10V signal or resistor.

DKK 495,00
One workday for delivery

Transformator with DALI dimming - 12V, 75W 6.250mA

12V and 24V transformer with built in dimmer, controlled by DALI. Effective solution, where you avoid a dimming unit.

DKK 595,00
One workday for delivery

230V to 24V DC Dimmable and Waterproof Transformer

A dimmable 24V transformer in models from 60W to 200W. Fully potted electronics make it completely waterproof.

DKK 645,00


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