Machinelamps and signallamps

LED lamps for worklights and signal-light on machines

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LED amchine fixture IP67

Strong and solid LED fixture, that is intended for mounting in machines, eg. CNC mill and lathes. Aluminium and hardened glass.

DKK 499,00
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Small LED machine lamp with magnet base, 1W - 12-24V

Compact waterproof LED machine lamp mounted on a flexible goose neck,and magnet base.

DKK 549,00
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LED Machine Light with Magnet-Base, 4.5W

A waterproof machine-lamp for lighting in machines and workshops. The magnet base and flexible neck makes it easy to be placed.

DKK 599,00
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LED signal lamp with buzzer - 24V

Compact signal tower lamp with 3 status colors and built-in buzzer. Can be used for machines, room and other purposes.

DKK 375,00
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LED traffic advisory lamp - 12V

LED traffic advisory lamp that can be used both inside and outside. The LED lamps are available in red, yellow and green respectively

DKK 299,00

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