Xtreme Ledkit 12v - 24v - Demo/restsalg 228

    1 set = 2 bulbs

    This product is marked as Demo/Outlet either because it has been trial fitted but not connected or because it is a product that can no longer be obtained and therefore the number is very limited.

    Current stock :
    4 x H1
    1 x H3
    1 x 9007 med nærlys/fjernlys

    Very powerful LED headlight kit in 6000K. The kits are complete with two emitters, two power suppliers and cable sets for replacing the original emitters.

    For cars with bulb-control, it is also possible to purchase Canbus kits for 12V and 24V.

    Large light output

    2800 lumen pr. LED bulb


    The set has a aluminium housing with special flexible cooling elements that allow the bulb optimal cooling in minimal space on.

    After the bulb is mounted, blades are bent out, so you get as much air through as possible. Although there is little space for the bulb, it should be possible to place the cooling blades.

    CANBUS / Pear Control

    For some cars, it may be necessary to go with canbus kits to avoid error messages on the car lamp control. Unfortunately we experience that on several VOLVO trucks the computer CANNOT be cheated and here these CAN-BUS modules will not have the correct function.

    Very powerful LED headlight kit - Outlet of H1, H3, H7 og 9007

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