AXIXTECH Max 6 x LED Strobe Module, 24V

    Perfect for trucks, delivery vans, pacecars and other machines requiring warning flashes.

    The very powerful light comes from 6 pcs. 1W diodes, providing light, equivalent to 90 diodes.

    • Easy mounting with a bracket and a tilting bracket *
    • Great lighting effect with 6 diodes at 1W **
    • Aclear glass with optics that give a great light scattering
    • A waterproof lamp body molded in a hard plastic
    • A long life span, no burned-out bulbs
    • 18 built-in selectable strobe patterns
    • Requires no control box or similar
    • Synchronized patterns on all devices
    • Dimensions: 122 x 41 x 35 mm

    It is possible to connect modules in two groups, so that they blink in opposite directions.


    • Red wire to the positive
    • Black wire to minus
    • Yellow to be connected between all devices to be synchronized
    • Yellow to be plus briefly switch program
    • White wire to plus = Module is in Group 1
    • White wire not connected = Module is in Group 2

    * A bracket sold seperately - can be mounted without.
    ** Gives light equal to 90 diodes.

    E-approved warning flasher from AXIXTECH in red, blue and white.

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