Prostrobe Slim - Compact LED strobe, R65

    Extra flat LED warning lamps, that can be mounted on cars, trucks and motorcycle, and connected to 12V and 24V. The lamps features bright light and many programs. The LED lamps are, at present, available in the models S3, S4 and S6, where there are built-in 3, 4 and 6 x 5W LEDs, respectively.

    The LED lamps have a strong yellow strobe light, where it is possible to switch between a total of 26 different programs that can be synchronized with other connected Prostrobe LED lamps.

    The LED lamps are ECE R65 approved, and can legally be used throughout Europe and be used on public roads and highways.

    You can find further information under downloads, where you can download our datasheet o the product, that has more information regarding the diffent blink patterns / programs.

    Bracket set

    The set can be bought seperatly, and consists of 2 x 90 degree angle brackets, bolts, nuts and washers.


    The strobelight connected quite easily as shown below.

    • White = Synchronization between other Prostrobe units
    • Red = Plus warning light (12V-24V)
    • Black = Minus
    • Yellow = Blink pattern / programs at minus.

    Blink pattern

    When you pulse the yellow wire on black (minus) for less than 1 second, you switch between the 26 different flash patterns / programs.
    In pulse between 1-3 seconds, you switch to the previous flash pattern / program. If the pulse is more than 5 seconds, you turn off the flash pattern / program. If the LED lamp is switched on again, it will continue in the previously selected flash pattern / program.

    Ref. 500770, 500771, 500772, 500773, 500855, 500856, 500857, 500858
    Axixtech M43 LP3, Axixtech M45 LP6, Axixtech MS6 M30

    Extra flat LED warning lamps, that can be mounted on cars, trucks and motorcycle. Bright light and many functions. ECE R65 approved.

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